Poster papers

Poster papers for large format printing are specially designed to ensure high print quality and color reproduction on large formats. When choosing graphic paper, it is important to take into account the surface finish, grammage and available widths. Some of our large-format papers are available in rolls with a maximum width of 152 cm, and the rest in sheets of 70 x 100 cm and 160 x 200 cm.

Blueback paper BBS 120 gsm

Economical single-sided billboard paper with a blue backing. This is a low-cost solution for short-term applications. The paper has a lower whiteness level than standard substrates, and a blue backing layer for masking properties.

Citylight paper 150 gsm

Coated poster paper dedicated to economical large-format prints. The translucent structure of the paper scatters light. Citylight paper was created for illuminated light boxes.

Silk paper 200 gsm

This is standard poster paper with a high white level. It allows you to maintain a balance between high print quality and affordable price. The paper has a matte finish. This is the substrate most often chosen for printing large-format posters.

Poster Pro paper 200 gsm

High-quality stiff poster paper with a deep matte surface. It allows you to achieve amazing printing results. It is dedicated to order artistic prints and the custom posters online.

Satin paper 200 gsm

High-quality paper with a satin, semi-glossy surface dedicated to printing outdoor posters. It is also frequently chosen for photographic exhibitions.

Coated matt paper 300 gsm

High-quality coated coated paper offering the possibility of double-sided printing using UV technology. Thanks to its high grammage, it is used in the production of: posters, leaflets, folders, price strips, wobblers. The paper is available in sheets of 70 x 100 cm.

Cardboard Arktika 300 gsm

Single-sided coated graphic cardboard with high stiffness. Thanks to the available format of 160 x 200 cm, it allows you to print non-standard products such as: shop security gate covers, overlays for shop long shelvestalker, price strips, 3D cardboard elements.