Easy Dot vinyl

Sticking of the vinyl without the participation of a specialized team.

The revolutionary formula of the adhesive used in this self-adhesive film allows for quick application without the participation of specialists. Even in the case of large surfaces, the films can be simply attached by store employees. Easy Dot vinyl has a special droplet-shaped adhesive that allows fast application without errors. Forget air bubbles! In case of a mistake, the foil can be re-glued without compromising the final effect. It is possible to reposition it or, as a last resort, to move it to another place.

easy dot stickers for shop vitrines

Self-adhesive vinyl with glue in the form of droplets, that’s Easy Dot decals.

The vinyl is available in three variants of finishing:

  • shiny white
  • matt white
  • transparent

Companies that need effective and universal advertising material should try easy dot stickers! Error-free application and trouble-free disassembly are the features that distinguish this vinyl. It is most often chosen for regular advertising campaigns.

Easy Dot vinyl in the version with white overprint is an additional advantage, that allows you to stick graphics on the inside of the site! Thanks to this, the advertisement is protected against external interference, but above all, the application is possible regardless of the weather.

easy dot printed

Neschen Easy Dot is a vinyl that you can stick to straight or slightly curved surfaces.

This self-adhesive film is also available in a PVC-free version.

The vinyl is dedicated to indoor applications. We can cut out any inscriptions, logos, signs and letters on it. Easy dot stickers have B1 and M1 fire resistance certificates. If the dimensions of your project exceed the available width of the material, the prints on Easy Dot are divided into parts with an overlap of 2 cm.

We invite you also to familiarize with our offer of printing on adhesive vinyls and cutting logos, signs and lettering. If you need a quick quote or want to discuss the details, please contact us by phone or e-mail, as well as direct online shopping at Supraprint24.