Floor stickers

Advertising, that you won’t be indifferent to!

Floor stickers can be applied in many, also non-standard places. Passageways, halls and warehouses are zones where stickers will perfectly fulfill their information and advertising functions. If you are planning a short or medium-term promotional campaign, this is the product for you. Its advantage is the easy method of application that does not require any special skills. Floor decals are laminated with R10 approval. Laminate allows for a high level of safety for this product. Floor graphics can be cut out according to regular or any shape.

printing of floor stickers for sporting events

Floor stickers with anti-slip laminate for sport events.

Yes, it’s a great choice, especially if you need to mark the event at an express pace and then dismantle everything efficiently!

Order laminate floor stickers made according to your requirements.

Floor advertising from our basic offer is dedicated to internal applications. Remember that the substrate for applying the stickers should be smooth (terracotta or industrial floors). It should be cleaned before sticking. The durability of stickers is closely related to the movement in a given place of sticking. Therefore, depending on the version selected, it is on average 1-3 or 3-6 months under normal operation. Floor graphics can be cleaned using standard floor cleaning machines, such as those used in supermarkets.

Flooring Ad for special tasks!

If the standard stickers do not meet your requirements, ask for floor stickers for special applications as well. Stickers for porous, concrete surfaces or asphalt stickers are also products that we have in our offer. Are you looking for special carpet stickers dedicated to supermarkets or offices? No problem, we can print them for you!

ostrzegawcze naklejki podłogowe

Floor graphics for supermarkets and sales networks.

Our basic offer includes two variants of sticker strength, which are estimated on average at:

1-3 months
3-6 months

If you are interested in our floor sticker printing offer, please contact the sales department by e-mail or by phone. A convenient parking lot awaits you in our office in Pruszków near Warsaw. We will also provide you with additional information on site and you will have the opportunity to see our sensational printed material samples. We also invite you to buy directly at Supraprint24.