Self-adhesive vinyls cutting

Letters, signs, logos, patterns and signage.

Self-adhesive foil is one of the most popular advertising media. In our offer you will find self-adhesive vinyls digital cutting in a vector form. This is already a standard when it comes to the production of short and long-term markings. Company signs, signage in offices, offices and universities. Promotional sections in grocery and DIY stores. Floor stickers with non-slip laminate. Yes, they are essential elements in modern visual communication. Cutting the self-adhesive foil allows you to make many graphic elements in the usable space.

Plotting, peeling and covering by transport tape

Plotting, peeling and finally a covering by transport foil.

Cutting elements out of self-adhesive vinyl is just the beginning of the process. Then remove unnecessary elements and cover the whole with tape or transport paper to allow easy application. Plotting vinyl signs and advertisements requires dedicated materials.

A wide selection of self-adhesive vinyls.

Our offer includes films from all leading manufacturers: Oracal, Avery, Mactac, Neschen, Intercoat, Ikonos. Depending on the intended application, we use monomeric, polymeric or cast films. In addition, self-adhesive films are distinguished by a different class of glue. There are removable, permanent, hollow adhesives (for bubble-free gluing) and super strong adhesives. Easy Dot vinyls with glue in the form of droplets are an absolute hit. This formula enables error-free gluing and, if necessary, repositioning of the foil.

Cutting elements out of self-adhesive vinyl

A wide range of colours.

Self-adhesive vinyls for cutting are available in many glossy and matt colours. In addition to the standard palette, you can choose from metallic colours, special colours as well as carbon and structural foils.

Digital cutting of self-adhesive vinyls.

Recognition of registration marks printed together with the design allows us to precisely cut the printed foil. Thanks to this function, we can obtain interesting effects on the material that has been previously printed. Additionally, we can print with white ink on transparent vinyl. This allows the production of stickers pasted on the inside of the site.

  • MONOMERIC 2-3 years – the most popular, standard foil for gluing flat surfaces
  • POLYMERIC 5-7 years – dedicated to flat surfaces or with slight embossing
  • CAST 7-10 years – this is a car vinyl for wrapping rounded 3D elements
  • RAPID AIR / EASY APPLY – foil with an adhesive that allows easy sticking without bubbles
  • EASY DOT – glue formula in the form of droplets is very easy to stick and repositionable
  • TRANSPARENT – clear standard or optically transparent foil
  • FROSTED / DUSTED – milky vinyl partially transmitting light
  • TRANSLUCENT – foil dedicated for lightboxes, perfectly diffuses light
  • BLOCKOUT – impermeable to light, has a black layer on the adhesive side
  • FLOOR STICKERS – with R9 or R10 non-slip laminate
  • HIGH TACK / ULTRA TACK – super strong and permanent adhesive for difficult surfaces

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