Frosted glass decals

Decorative etched window graphics for a stylish arrangement.

Frosted glass vinyl is an often used material for a subtle and stylish decoration of office spaces. Frosted glass decals are intended for lining display windows and internal partition panes, separating rooms and corridors. It will work perfectly in an office, public office or medical clinic. Dusted window film allows you to design an interesting space with a subtle character.

We cut logos, signs, lettering and patterns.

Frosted glass decals are a grateful material in the hands of interior designers and facility administration. You can put on interesting and fancy patterns that refer to the style of the surrounding space or make a partition partition from foil sheets cut simply to the size of the glass panels. Graphics that consist of many separate elements covered with foil or transport paper. This process enables the application of many, even complex projects.

etched window graphics for offices

The film diffuses and partially transmits light, but does not allow any view inside the room.

Frosted glass decals with custom print

Frosted glass decals with print is a guaranteed Wow effect!

Dusted window film with any large-format print allows for spectacular effects.

Glass decoration in conference rooms and company meeting rooms.

Etched window graphics is an irreplaceable decorative element in modern office spaces, especially the “open space” type.

Dusted window film for logos and lettering

Frosted glass vinyl is available in the following widths:

106 cm / 123 cm / 137 cm / 160 cm

In our offer you will also find frosted glass decals dyed in mass and with easy apply glue, which facilitates sticking without bubbles!

Instead of building traditional partition walls, designers quite often choose glass partitions. This is where safety issues arise because the glass is transparent. The solution to this problem is frosted glass vinyl, the use of which will reduce the negative optical phenomenon. The space will become safe and elegant, and a properly designed office will create favorable working conditions.

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