Custom wallpaper

The custom wallpaper in our offer is a proven decorative element for an office, company, school or public institution. We produce only using safe, certified and award-winning UVgel and Latex printing technologies. The wallpapers we print on are proven substrates, dedicated to wall applications, and have been appreciated by our customers.

We print wallpapers in any final size and are usually divided into panels with an overlap for precise application. If you are interested in premium structural wallpapers imitating the structure of sand, canvas, concrete or stone, ask about their availability and individual pricing.

custom latex wallpaper printing on demand

Latex wallpaper 212 gsm

Smooth paper wallpaper 212g/m2 contains latex fibers with a slightly satin finish. It is a popular, low-cost material for wall decoration. The admixture of latex included in the composition makes the custom wallpaper more tear-resistant compared to standard paper wallpapers.

Non-woven wallcovering printing

Non-woven wallpaper 190g

Smooth, matte cellulose and non-woven wallpaper 190 g/m2 is the most frequently chosen, standard material for printing photo wallpapers. Its installation is carried out using popular application tools. You only need to spread the glue on the wall. The wallpaper dries quickly, is reinforced against tearing and scratching, and is certified by the National Institute of Hygiene.

Washable non-woven wallpaper large format digital printing

Washable non-woven wallpaper 350g

Thick vinyl wallpaper with a PVC coating on a non-woven backing with a weight of 350g/m2. It is intended to be applied to walls using standard application tools. Washable wallpaper allows for photorealistic print quality and is quick-drying and scratch-resistant. The wallpaper is certified by the National Institute of Hygiene.

Self-adhesive wallpaper vinyl printing for wallcovering advertising

Self-adhesive wallpaper 100 mic

Self-adhesive wallpaper is a white, matte vinyl dedicated to wall applications. Gray glue with high initial adhesive strength allows proper application on many difficult surfaces, including most types of flat walls, as well as internal and external walls painted with latex paints that require the use of special glue.

Easy stick self-adhesive textile wallpaper for wallcovering printing

Self-adhesive fabric wallpaper 145g

Self-adhesive wallpaper fabric, easy to apply. The adhesive formula allows for sticking and peeling off and does not leave any glue on the surface. Intended for application on walls, furniture and doors as custom wallpaper, which does not damage the surface when removed. A perfect decoration element in children’s rooms and kindergartens.