Fabric banners

Saturated colours, exceptional fabric quality and sustainable printing.

printed fabric banner with sleeves

We offer the production of textile banners from PES polyester materials. Contrary to the quite popular tarpaulin banners, textile banners do not contain polyvinyl chloride, i.e. the popular pvc. The sublimation technology used when printing textile banners is also an ecological solution, because the inks used in the printing process do not contain solvents and other harmful volatile compounds. Therefore, due to the polyester materials used in the production and the sublimation printing technology, we can call textile banners eco-friendly products.

Top-quality fabric banners for indoor / outdoor use.

Polyester ensures minimal light reflection and sublimation printing offers deep colour saturation and durability. What’s more, the polyester fabric used in the production, thanks to its low weight and strong weave, offers a light but durable banner. The material used can be washed at low temperatures and with a little detergent. The polyester banner is relatively crease resistant and can be ironed. Ecological sublimation printing and aesthetic appearance make the banners perfect for a wide range of applications. They are popular especially during promotions, fairs, dedicated concert events and as elements of scenography. The maximum available material width is 320 cm. Larger widths can be obtained by sewing several parts together. However, the maximum length of the roll is 100 m.

Fabric banners we most often print on:
  • Polyester banner 115 gsm – lightweight, popular material for textile banners.
  • Polyester mesh 115 gsm – airy, very popular material. Light, but with a strong and durable weave.
  • Polyester decor 210 gsm – the most popular banner for decorations, scenography, concerts. It is most often chosen as a replacement for pvc banners.

Textile banners are most often used as:
  • high-quality promotional banner
  • banner as a background in shop windows
  • element of a promotional campaign in shopping malls
  • banners during events – picnics, parades, elections
  • exhibition banners during the fair
  • for thematic exhibitions and museums
  • scenery banners for theaters and museums
  • stage backdrops during concerts
Available ways of finishing fabric banners:
  • edge reinforcement by double folding and stitching the material
  • edge reinforcement with an additional 30 mm polyester tape
  • sewing sleeve for the tape or tension cord
  • eyelets made of steel or plastic.
  • sewing flat silicon keder tape 13×4 mm – graphics stretched to aluminum frames
  • stitching in Velcro tape
  • round keder 6, 8 or 13 mm
  • sewing in a pennant
  • combining several entities to get a larger final size
  • sewing in a stiffener or load in the form of a metal rod.

Textile banners fixation proccess.

The print is fixed in an fixing unit (calender) at a temperature of about 185-200 ° C. This process ensures that the color saturation is much higher and often goes beyond the standard CMYK range. In addition, the aforementioned fixing process makes the print resistant to the adverse effects of external conditions, such as low and high temperatures and sunlight. The grammage of polyester fabrics used in printing ranges from 115 g / m2 to 350 g / m2. This makes the textile banners light, and thus much cheaper to transport and easier to install.

SUPRAPRINT deliver orders in Europe, but also to many local recipients. We print from 1 pc, but we are also ready for big challenges and volumes, but the most important thing is that the product you receive meets your expectations. We print, banners, blockout, self-adhesive films, floor stickers, roll-up, textile walls, graphics for illumination, foamed PVC, dibond, plexiglass. Our large format prints are simply extra!

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our full offer of large format printing on many substrates used in the advertising industry. If you need a quick quote or want to discuss details, please contact us by phone or e-mail, as well as direct online shopping at Supraprint24.