Feather flags Alu

Durable premium beachflags in three shapes.

Alu Premium Feather flags are characterized by a strong and stable flagpole. The design of profiled, anodized aluminum makes the flag fit perfectly to the shape and stretched without wrinkles. This definitely distinguishes Feather flags Alu from competing solutions. Due to the modular design of the mast, which allows for quick assembly and disassembly, Beachflags Alu Premium will be a great companion during your advertising campaigns.

High-quality flags distinguished by:

  • strong mast made of anodized aluminum
  • stable structure
  • perfectly stretched flag without wrinkles
  • small package for transport
  • 3 shapes: Regular, Convex and Shark

The following sizes are available:

  • SMALL 260 cm
  • MEDIUM 340 cm
  • LARGE 433 cm
Aluminium beach flag available in many sizes and shapes

beachflag alu premium

Feather flags Alu are effective promotional flags.

You will attract the attention of your potential customers before entering the gallery or car showroom, as well as during concerts, festivals and events. Our Feather flags Alu are also a great companion of all sports events, they add splendor and emphasize the status of the event. Premium beachflags are an effective form of advertising, especially in outdoor conditions on the beach, on the ski slope and during outdoor events.

Beachflags Alu are made of anodized aluminum.

Feather flags Alu have flagpoles made of anodized aluminum pipes. They are distinguished by a solid structure, low weight and small dimensions after packing. The available types of bases allow installation in many places, thus ensuring optimal exposure. Additionally, the vertical layout of the graphics distinguishes Beachflags Premium from other advertising media – it makes them easier to notice. Flagpoles are available in three sizes S / M / L and three unrivaled shapes.

Permanent sublimation printing of flying banners.

The flag is printed in sublimation technology on polyester fabric with a weight of 115g. Immediately after printing, the raw material is heated in an oven. This process ensures durable, saturated colours with a strong penetration of the graphics on the other side of the flag fabric and guarantees the durability of the colours to weather conditions and UV rays. The graphics can overlap the entire size of the flag, also at the mast. Beachflags Alu contain a sewn tunnel, sewn-in fastening tape and are packed 1 pc in cardboard boxes. In very strong winds, remove the flags to prevent them from being torn off. You can successfully wash the flag fabric at low temperature and mount it back on the mast while still wet.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the wide range of our large-format products. If you are looking for other solutions, check also our Feather flags Lite or Feather flags Alu Square. Remember to use the specification for preparing files for printing. If you need any support for a project, we are ready to prepare it for you. You can also place a direct order in our Supraprint24 online store.

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