Double-sided window stickers

Non-transparent self-adhesive signage.

Double-sided stickers for the glass are a practical self-adhesive material that will be well legible on both sides of the graphics. Stickers can serve as an information message in public places, such as pedestrian routes, means of communication, offices and public utility buildings. Blockout stickers will also be used as an advertising medium.

Double-sided stickers are a clear message visible on both sides.

Entrance to a train car, a movable door in a subway or a window in a bus. A safe communication route or legible markings in means of transport? Yes, these are the places most often chosen for the application of our permanent double-sided stickers.

You can put the logo and contact information of the company protecting the facility. Print a readable QR code or information about available means of payment in your restaurant or gas station. Double-sided stickers are the perfect solution if you care about the application from the inside of the glass. Thanks to this, the stickers will be more durable and resistant to mechanical damage.

Universal and durable double-sided stickers for glass.

durable double-sided stickers for glass
double-sided window decals printing

Stick on the outside or inside of the display case.

Durable and opaque double-sided stickers.

Durable and opaque double-sided stickers

Your double-sided stickers as a square, circle or special shape!

Non-transparent stickers can be cut to any shape. The die should be prepared by you in vector form. The offer includes a variant in which the sticker after cutting out remains as a single object. If you would like to cut letters, logos or more complex shapes, please contact us!

Due to the strong permanent adhesive used, they are dedicated to medium-term use. Double-sided stickers have a matte finish surface, thanks to which they do not reflect light and are better visible. Printing is done in full color CMYK mode. The material used for production is: polyester blockout 240 mic with a white, matte surface. Printing takes place in UV technology resistant to external factors. The adhesive layer is a strong permanent adhesive.

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In the case of the double-sided stickers we offer, the average lifespan is 1-3 years. Durability depends on the place of exposure and prevailing external conditions. The standard maximum format of double-sided stickers is 1000 x 1000 mm, but if your project requires other larger sizes, we can also do it. If you would like to place an order for a custom print such as letter cutting or logo printing, or have any questions, please contact our customer service. You can also meet us in person at our office in Warsaw POLAND.