Cast vinyl printing

Branding and advertising on company vehicles.

We provide complete services from the design stage through the production of graphics. Also professional advice and applications of ready graphics on vehicles. For the car wrapping graphics, we use only cast and polymeric vinyls that are dedicated to a given surface, meet the relevant standards and have been checked during our implementation.

Car branding specialist puts logo with car wrapping vinyl on auto

Cast vinyl printing for your fleet. Highlight your company brand.

This is a great way to strengthen your image and professionally promote your brand. Modern branding that cannot be missed!

Highest quality printing on cast and polymeric vinyl.

We print car graphics using original HP Latex and Mutoh UMS inks, which guarantee the highest lightfastness and resistance to external factors. The printing technologies used by us also guarantee the highest resolution of 1440 dpi and deep saturation. The colours will not fade and will stay vivid for a long time.

cast and polymeric vinyl wrapping

Self-adhesive films dedicated to car graphics.

  • CAST 7-10 years old – full 3D car wrapping or deep embossing
  • POLYMERIC 5-7 years old – small embossing and flat surfaces
  • Dedicated MONOMERIC 3-5 years old – flat surfaces and smaller stickers
  • SPECIAL – chrome, carbon, structural and others

We only use proven vinyls and laminates from leading manufacturers.

Most often we print on cast or polymer vinyls secured with a dedicated laminate. Poured foils are dedicated to pasting deep 3D embossing and completely changing the colour of the car and a long service life. On the other hand, several years of polymeric films are used on flat surfaces or with slight embossing. For flat surfaces and short-term exposure, we also use high-quality monomer films certified for use on vehicle bodies.

cast vinyl car stickers cut to custom shape

Self-adhesive films differ in the type of adhesive used. The most frequently chosen type is the so-called “east apply glue”. It allows the correction of the applied graphics and the elimination of possible inaccuracies, such as remaining air bubbles. A properly selected type of foil and laminate, as well as the type of inks used, guarantee the durability of car graphics for many years.

Our offer includes films from renowned producers: Oracal, Avery, Mactac, Arlon, Intercoat, Ikonos and other brands depending on your needs. Car graphics can also be cut in any shape, so as to stick to logos or graphic objects. In addition to the standard colour palette, special vinyls such as carbon, chrome or structural foils are also available.

If you are interested in our offer, please contact our sales department directly, by e-mail or by phone. In addition, we also encourage you to buy directly on Supraprint24.