UV printing on rigid materials

PVC, HIPS, ACRYLIC, DIBOND and many other flat plates for printing.

We offer UV printing on the most of popular rigid materials used in the printing industry, dedicated to advertising, information and decorative applications. Large format UV prints are used as elements of visual communication. They work best as temporary or long-term graphic panels and signage. If you are looking for interesting opportunities to promote your product, company or event, UV printing makes it possible. This technology offers flexibility and the highest quality.

A variety of applications for large format UV printing on rigid materials.

When printing on flat substrates, we most often produce POS elements, promotional stands, toppers and hangers. Our clients also often order individual company signs, logos, necessary office and warehouse markings. Large format prints on boards are very popular. Are also used as decorative wall graphics for offices, institutions and homes. You can order prints in any size you choose. The maximum available format for printing plates is 300 x 200 cm. You can choose not only rectangular, but also any shape. Will cut or mill your graphics – be creative! If you need more, we can also drill holes, stick the plates with a special double-sided adhesive tape or provide appropriate mounting brackets.

UV prints on almost anything!

UV printing on rigid materials

Supraprint’s offer includes many interesting rigid materials:

Large format UV printing on rigid plates for special tasks at Supraprint.

UV prints are extremely resistant to weather conditions, therefore it is an ideal technology for the production of outdoor advertisements. Thanks to the high print resolution of 1440 dpi, they are also successfully used as graphics for internal use. Ready, fixed prints are at the highest level – they are characterized by the appropriate of colours saturation.

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