Foamex printed boards

Advertising prints on foamed and hard PVC plates.

Printed foamed pvc is the most frequently chosen substrate for the production of signs, short and long-term signage, advertising and infoboards, hangers, stands, shelfstoppers, toppers, vouchers to be presented at gala events as well as exhibition prints. If you are looking for a stiff and cheap substrate for the production of advertising graphics, it is PVC printing. Foamex printed boards are perfect for building trade fairs and advertising stands. This substrate is also most often chosen for photo prints and posters to be hung at home. Polyvinyl chloride comes in two forms: foamed and hard. Both materials are resistant to weather conditions, thanks to which they are widely used in indoor and outdoor advertising.

printed pvc foam

PVC plates ale the most frequently chosen substrate for the production of advertising graphics. The material is available in many sizes and thicknesses.

High-quality printing on PVC in UV and Latex technology.

In the most economical and popular variant, foamex boards are printed by us using direct UV technology. The print obtained in this way is resistant to external conditions. If you want to achieve even greater durability, especially in terms of resistance to mechanical action and long-term solar radiation, you should choose the production variant with glossy or mat laminate. Graphics are then printed on self-adhesive foil in Latex technology. One- and two-sided printing is possible. PVC is corrosion-resistant and flame-retardant – this is what makes it versatile. Foam pvc signs are characterized by a relatively low weight, which makes it easy to install / hang graphics. On the other hand, hard PVC plates, thanks to a much denser structure, guarantee long-term operation and a much higher resistance to mechanical factors.

Finishing variants available:

  • cut to format
  • rounded corners
  • cutting and milling to any shape
  • drilling holes
  • sticking with double-sided adhesive tape
  • laminating with foil or laminate
  • thermal bending by a given angle

Large-format printing on PVC plates

The boards are available in the maximum format of 300 x 200 cm, and the most popular thicknesses are: 2, 3, 5, 10 and 19 mm. From the foamed PVC, we can cut or mill any shapes along the contour of the die, not only circles, but also, for example, figures and more complicated patterns. The printed material can be thermally bent to any angle.

Foamed and hard PVC plates are the most frequently chosen raw material for large-format printing of advertising materials. They are widely used in the implementation of promotional campaigns. Due to the availability of sizes and thicknesses, it is possible to implement a wide range of products: posters, paintings, signs, markings, shelfstoppers, hangers, rack extensions, toppers for refrigerators and cash registers and many others. If you are interested in the price of this product, we also invite you to buy online at Supraprint24.

Features of hard PVC:

  • solid structure,
  • high flexibility and mechanical resistance,
  • hardness, non-toxicity,
  • low heat conductivity and good insulation,
  • flame retardant,
  • low abrasion resistance,
  • resistance to weather conditions (excluding strong sunlight)
  • it is more resistant to mechanical damage
  • than foamed PVC, which makes it heavier and denser.

Features of foamed PVC:

  • regular structure with a smooth surface,
  • flame retardant,
  • low water absorption,
  • low heat conductivity and good insulation,
  • non-toxicity,
  • very good resistance to the effects of weather conditions (excluding strong sunlight)
  • lower weight than hard PVC.