Canvas prints

Wall art, design and photos printed on canvas.

Canvas prints are a popular element of interior decoration and an effective way to present art and photography. SUPRAPRINT is a large-format digital printing house that offers printing on canvas for advertising agencies, photographers, creative boutiques and artists. Photo images printed on canvas are a unique proposition for companies, hotels and restaurants that are looking for inspiring decorative solutions. Printing on canvas is an ideal choice for companies that value the highest quality and durability of the presented graphics.

prints on canvas, any formats, large-format digital printing house, on painting canvas

Wall art printed on canvas have deep colour saturation and unique details.

Canvas prints are graphics visible on the edges of the wooden stretcher.

prints on canvas, any formats, large-format digital printing house, on painting canvas
printed photos on canvas fabric structure

The unique and natural structure of the canvas prints.

Graphics printed on canvas are a unique decorative effect on any wall.

One of the key elements that distinguish printing on canvas from other advertising materials is its characteristic surface structure imitating real painting canvas. This unique feature makes the images look exceptionally natural. We frame graphics printed on canvas on wooden stretchers, which are available in most basic formats. The framed photo painting is ready to hang on the wall and does not require an additional frame. An additional advantage is the graphics visible on the edge of the image!

Digital printing of photo images in HD quality!

The SUPRAPRINT large-format digital printing is a place where the magic of canvas printing comes to life. Thanks to advanced printing technologies, such as UVgel printing and Latex printing, you are guaranteed that the printed images on canvas will be distinguished by deep color saturation, sharpness of details and the highest lightfastness. Digital printing in the highest resolution gives you a chance to turn your photo painting into a work of art. It is not just a print on canvas, but a real masterpiece that delights with its details.

Canvas prints for companies, hotels and restaurants.

Printing on canvas is a great way to personalize business spaces. Companies, hotels and restaurants can use this technology to create unique decorations that will emphasize their image and style. Advertising printing for companies, which allows you to print any color motifs, photographs related to the history of the brand or art by contemporary artists on canvas. In the case of hotels and restaurants, printing on canvas can create a unique atmosphere. Paintings on canvas can reflect the character of a place, be it the romantic atmosphere of a restaurant or the luxury and elegance of a hotel lobby. Thanks to special inks and printing technologies, canvas paintings do not lose their shine over the years. This is a perfect solution for companies, hotels and restaurants that want to decorate their spaces with high-quality printed graphics that will maintain their splendor for many seasons.

Why is it worth choosing canvas printing?

  1. The unique and natural structure of the painting canvas with deep embossments in the structure is a valuable effect of the highest quality.
  2. HD printing of the highest quality, resistant to mechanical effects, means extraordinary visual effects, beautiful color reproduction, depth and a wide tonal range.
  3. Friendly care: the paintings can be washed with a damp cloth.
  4. Durable print resistant to sunlight will be enjoyed for many years without loss of quality.
  5. The photo framed in a wooden stretcher is light and ready to hang directly on the wall. The painting does not require additional framing. You can also order just a print on canvas without framing.

We most often print on canvas:

  • wall art
  • reproductions of paintings
  • landscapes
  • abstract graphics
  • decorative graphics
  • advertising posters
  • artistic photographs
  • architecture
  • portraits
  • reproductions of old photographs
  • family photographs