Self-adhesive vinyl printed

If you are looking for an effective advertising material that is practically not limited in size, self-adhesive printed vinyl will meet your expectations! Thanks to the availability of foil with really diverse applications, you will surely find something for yourself. Adhesive vinyl printing will work well on windows in a store, restaurant or dentist’s office. self-adhesive prints are relatively easy to apply and allows you to achieve excellent results. You can stick the prints on foil on various surfaces: plastics, glass, furniture boards or metal. Regardless of what you choose, the effect will always be the same – a great result and saturated and long-lasting colors!

printing on self-adhesive vinyl

Window printed vinyl with a clear message that will not escape the attention of recipients!

Order prints on vinyl in any size and you will get intense and durable colours and a clear message, especially on large surfaces.

Highest quality printing on self-adhesive vinyl.

We do not compromise and use only top solutions. We use the three most popular large-format printing technologies: Latex, Ecosolwent and Led-UV. The self-adhesive vinyl printed in this way has the highest resolution, saturated colours and resistance to fading. Our machine park allows us to offer services to companies and advertising agencies. As well as printing houses that would like to expand the range of advertising products offered.

adhesive vinyl printing

Prints on vinyl as a decorative element in offices.

A well-designed and furnished office is a guarantee of better well-being of employees. Therefore, decorative printing on self-adhesive vinyl is a suitable solution for interior designers.

Thanks to our experience, you will receive a print on self-adhesive vinyl, that meets your expectations!

Will it last for years or a sticker for a while? Taking into account the end use, we will propose the appropriate type of vinyl. We will also select a dedicated, glossy or matte laminate that will protect your printout from fading or mechanical damage. Depending on the expectations, we use a vinyl with a permanent, removable, easy apply, easy dot or high tack glue. The printed self-adhesive vinyl is resistant to external conditions, but it will also prove successful in internal applications. Our offer includes monomeric (2-3 years), polymeric (5-7 years) or cast (7-10 years) and special-purpose vinyls.

  • MONOMERIC 2-3 years – the most popular, standard foil for gluing flat surfaces
  • POLYMERIC 5-7 years – dedicated to flat surfaces or with slight embossing
  • CAST 7-10 years – this is a car vinyl for wrapping rounded 3D elements
  • RAPID AIR / EASY APPLY – foil with an adhesive that allows easy sticking without bubbles
  • EASY DOT – glue formula in the form of droplets is very easy to stick and repositionable
  • TRANSPARENT – clear standard or optically transparent foil
  • FROSTED / DUSTED – milky vinyl partially transmitting light
  • TRANSLUCENT – foil dedicated for lightboxes, perfectly diffuses light
  • BLOCKOUT – impermeable to light, has a black layer on the adhesive side
  • FLOOR STICKERS – with R9 or R10 non-slip laminate
  • HIGH TACK / ULTRA TACK – super strong and permanent adhesive for difficult surfaces

If you are interested in our offer of printing on self-adhesive vinyl, please contact the sales department by e-mail or by phone. A convenient parking lot awaits you in our office in POLAND Warsaw. We will also provide additional information on site and you will have the opportunity to see our sensational printed material samples. We also invite you to buy directly at Supraprint24.