Stickers printed

Self-adhesive labels in any shape and quantity.

We specialize in express digital printing on papers and self-adhesive films. We print self-adhesive labels that fulfill informative, promotional and decorative functions. Properly designed and printed stickers are an indispensable element of effective visual communication. They will prove useful when labeling many products.

Fruit preserves and honey from your own apiary? A new line of cosmetics? Regional drinks, wines and beers? Yes, professional self-adhesive labels will gain trust and gain new customers for your amazing products. If you need to print stickers with individual graphics, you’ve just come to the right address!

Custom shape stickers and labels as you need them!

The technology with which we carry out digital printing of stickers allows us to meet your production expectaction, even in the case of low volumes. We are able to print stickers of a really small size, even 1 cm in diameter! We perform cutting according to any shape digitally, so you are not burdened with the additional cost of making a traditional die.

A large number of projects? No problem! You can implement multiple short series based on a variety of projects while still within the same budget. Barcodes, QR codes or stickers printed with variable data? Of course, we will make them, because personalization is easily available for digital printing technology.

Printing with white ink on transparent labels.

In addition to the standard CMYK palette, we also print stickers with white ink. This option allows us to print on transparent vinyls. The substrates for which our labels are dedicated are: cardboard, plastic, metal, glass, furniture boards, varnished surfaces.

Our offer includes the following self-adhesive materials:
  • self-adhesive glossy paper
  • self-adhesive matte paper
  • glossy self-adhesive vinyl
  • matte self-adhesive vinyl
  • transparent self-adhesive vinyl

Express digital printing of stickers in the highest quality.

Deep saturated colours, high resolution and no perceptible layer of toner are the features that distinguish this printing technique from others. Thanks to advanced HP Electroink, we successfully print on papers and self-adhesive films. The paints are certified for use on food packaging. HP Indigo printing is called digital offset for a reason!

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Express printing of stickers is available for you in our printing house in POLAND Warsaw with convenient access and a large parking lot. If you need a quick quote or want to discuss details, please contact us by phone or e-mail, as well as direct online shopping at Supraprint24.