Self-adhesive vinyls

Self-adhesive vinyls are an extremely popular and versatile material used in the production of signs and broadly understood visual communication. They are used for applying on windows, as advertising signs and decorative elements. There are many types of self-adhesive films, the three most popular of which are monomeric vinyls with a short shelf life, polymeric vinyls with a medium shelf life and cast vinyls dedicated to long-term exposure.

adhesive vinyl printing

Monomeric self-adhesive vinyl

Monomeric self-adhesive vinyl dedicated to short and medium-term outdoor advertising. Used for pasting flat advertising surfaces without embossing. It is available in gloss, matte and transparent versions. Adhesives available: permanent, removable and gray. The vinyl ensures high print quality and very good color reproduction.

branding of promotional stands in supermarkets

Polymeric self-adhesive vinyl

Polymeric vinyl used for long-term exposure of outdoor advertising. It has very good parameters of resistance to external factors. The vinyl ensures high print quality and very good color reproduction. These types of self-adhesive vinyls are available in glossy and matte versions with permanent or permanent tubular glue.

self-adhesive cast vinyl printing for car wrapping

Cast self-adhesive vinyl

Self-adhesive cast vinyl with gray glue, for wrapping cars in full 3D (embossing). Thanks to the channel structure of the adhesive, it allows the vinyl to be repositioned during gluing. High resistance of this self-adhesive vinyl to external conditions such as temperature fluctuations and UV radiation.

OWV self-adhesive vinyl for advertising

One Way Vision vinyl

One Way Vision self-adhesive vinyl partially allows natural light to pass through thanks to its perforated structure. It is dedicated to external applications on window displays and transport glass.

Dusted window film for logos and lettering

Frosted self-adhesive vinyl

Plotted decorative vinyl imitating the effect of frozen glass. Dedicated to application on window displays and glazing in office rooms. The milky structure of the vinyl partially transmits and at the same time scatters light.

easy dot printed

Easy Dot self-adhesive vinyl

Neschen Easy Dot vinyl enables easy and quick application without the involvement of a group of specialists. In case of an error when sticking, the foil can be corrected without damaging the final effect. It has a special glue that allows easy application without bubbles. Available in glossy or matt white and transparent version. The vinyl has a B1 non-flammability certificate.

floor stickers with anti-slip laminate R10

Floor stickers anti-sleep R10

Floor stickers secured with a dedicated anti-slip laminate with a rough structure with an R10 certificate. The vinyl is recommended for pasting on smooth floor surfaces. The laminate has a “sand” structure, which minimizes the risk of slipping in pedestrian paths.

colored plotter vinyls cut according to the shape

Coloured plotter vinyls

Our offer includes plotter vinyls from top manufacturers: Oracal, Avery, Mactac, Arlon. Due to the exceptionally rich colour library, it is possible to choose most glossy or matte colours. Like all large-format self-adhesive vinyl, plotter films are available in 3 basic durability classes: monomeric, polymeric and cast.