Rigid plates

Our offer includes a wide portfolio of rigid plates printing used in the production of advertising graphics. We print most large-format plates directly using UV technology. In the case of graphics exposed to intense mechanical action, the boards are laminated with self-adhesive vinyl and an additional laminate. The maximum format of plates that we can print is 300 x 200 cm. Rigid plates with large-format printing open up many possibilities in the field of advertising, design and art.

hard pvc sheet large format printing

Hard PVC sheets 0.3 – 0.7 mm

Hard PVC sheets are a paper substitute very often chosen by our customers. The material is distinguished by its regular structure with a smooth surface and low water absorption. Hard PVC sheet is flexible and resistant to external conditions.

hard pp sheets large format printing

Hard PP sheet 0.3 – 0.7 mm

Polypropylene foil, the so-called Priplak, i.e. solid polypropylene sheets. It is a modern material produced in an environmentally friendly way. It will work well as a POS element at points of sale or as a weather-resistant poster.

HIPS boards for large format printing of advertising graphics

HIPS 1 / 2 / 3 mm

HIPS are boards made of high-impact polystyrene. It is a stiff, hard and homogeneous board that enjoys constant popularity as an element of printed POS advertising graphics. HIPS is completely resistant to moisture.

fluted PP plates printing

Correx 3 / 5 mm

Correx fluted polypropylene is a popular advertising material, widely used especially as economical advertising signage. PP sheets are made of lightweight corrugated plastic, also known as Kartonplast, Correx or Akilux. It is an inexpensive, very light and extremely versatile material.

printing on bubble polypropylene Akylite 3mm

Bubble polypropylene Akylite 3 mm

Polypropylene plates with a ‘honeycomb’ or bubble structure are a double-sided material also known as Akyprint. This light and modern board is a revolutionary solution in the field of printed external graphics.

katz display board printing and cutting

Katz Display Board 2 mm

KATZ Display are wood-free cardboard panels that are distinguished by their natural appearance and double-sided coated surface. KATZ is a material that is consistent with the concept of sustainable development.

dispa boards wide format digital printing

Dispa 3,8 mm

DISPA are boards made of 100% paper. Their unique extruded core gives the boards optimal stiffness and makes them an ideal material for short-term promotional and advertising campaigns. DISPA are boards with a sustainable impact on the environment.

kappa x-foam boards printed

Kappa foam 3 / 5 / 10 mm

Lightweight foam boards with a polyurethane foam core and multi-layer coated paper facings are intended for interior use. The board is distinguished by its stiffness and low weight.

large format printing of foamex

Foamed pvc 1 / 2 / 3 / 5 / 10 mm

Foamed PVC is characterized by relatively good strength and resistance to external conditions, while being moderate in weight. PVC foam boards perfectly fulfill their role as a stiff and thick printing material. It is a raw material valued in the production of advertising graphics.

printed dibond - alumininium composite

Alu Dibond 2 / 3 / 5 mm

Composite aluminum plates are distinguished by high durability, stiffness and dimensional stability. Alu Dibond ACM is a high-quality board designed for long-term use. Aluminum composite multipanels are a proven standard in advertising production.

plexiglass pmma acrylic printing white ink

Acrylic 3 / 5 mm

Acrylic glass, i.e. the so-called plexiglass or PMMA, is a substrate with many advantages and applications. Plexiglass is most often chosen as a substrate for the production of signs, decorative prints, information or advertising boards, illuminated light boxes and covers.