Vinyl banner

The most popular vinyl tarpaulins for the production of outdoor advertising graphics. Large format vinyl banner is a proven material for printing using UV, Latex and Solvent technologies. PVC frontlit consists of a core made of polyester mesh, which is covered with a layer of polyvinyl chloride. Choose a printed frontlit tailored to the needs of your advertising campaign, which is intended for short or long-term exposure. Also check out our online offer at Supraprint24.

Laminated frontlit – a polyester mesh core is laminated with two layers of PVC. This is a low-budget banner with lower tear resistance, intended for short-term use.

Coated frontlit – during the thermal process, the polyester mesh core is embedded in heated polyvinyl chloride. The banner produced in this way has much greater resistance to external factors such as wind, water and UV radiation.

cheap laminated vinyl banner 440 gsm

Laminated vinyl banner 500 gsm

Vinyl banner tarpaulin made using laminated technology, intended for single-sided printing. Laminated banners are most often used for short-term displays, and their durability is estimated at six months. Depending on the installation method, we offer appropriate finishing: edge reinforcement, steel mesh crimping, and tunnel welding or hemming.

reinforced budget frontlit 440g

Reinforced laminated banner 440 gsm

The laminated reinforced vinyl banner is a single-sided, low-cost material which, due to its denser weave, has higher tear resistance. It is intended for outdoor use and its durability, depending on weather conditions, is estimated at approximately 6 months.

coated vinyl banner 510gsm

Coated vinyl banner 450-510 gsm

White, matt, coated PVC tarpaulin with very high resistance to external conditions and mechanical damage. Designed for single-sided printing. Very tear-resistant, resistant to moisture, UV, low and high temperatures. It can be combined from boards to achieve the desired large format size. Depending on the intended assembly method, we offer finishing options: edge reinforcement, crimping of steel eyelets, and welding or hemming of sleeve.

pvc mesh banner for large format printing

Mesh banner 280 gsm

White pvc mesh banner with a perforated structure that allows free air flow. Mesh is a very popular material for the production of banners, which, due to its airy structure, reduces the risk of the tarpaulin being torn off by the wind. Mesh PVC is dedicated to the production of large-format advertising intended for installation on building facades and scaffolding.

reflective vinyl banner 500 gsm

Reflective vinyl banner 500 gsm

The reflective vinyl banner has a prismatic top coating that reflects lighting. Its reflective properties make the printed message more visible, especially in night lighting conditions.