Backwall POP-UP Lite

Affordable mobile advertising set for fairs, promotions, presentations and events.

An advertising wall that stands out:
– economical purchase price
– panels mounted on slings and magnets
– Graphics secured with laminate
– mobile transport trunk on wheels

Set contains:
– aluminum construction
– magnetic bars
– sling
– graphics on the wall and trunk
– mobile trunk
– halogens x 2 pcs (additional equipment)

Pop-up walls are a perfect kit for universal use. Interesting suitcase, which also serves as a tribute. The wall is fully magnetic. The box allows the transport of both walls and graphics, and in conjunction with the counter can serve as a stand. Graphics on the wall and trunk are secured with a structural laminate. Our pop-up walls are constructed of ultra-light aluminum, which makes it possible for one person to use them without any additional tools. All components that make up the mounting kit are adequately secured so as not to be damaged during transport.

We offer two types of walls – arch and straight – available in two variants. We guarantee a very fast execution of orders up to three business days. For questions about pop-up walls, please contact us. You can visit our headquarters in Warsaw near Pruszków, and also call or send an inquiry by email.

Dimensions of the wall after unpacking:
POP-UP 3×3 straight: 2700 x 306 x 2225 cm
POP-UP 3×4 straight: 3435 x 306 2225 cm
POP-UP 3×3 curved: 2540 x 685 2225 cm
POP-UP 3×4 curved: 3070 x 960 2225 cm

Dimensions for transport: 100 x 74 x 44 cm.
Weight: about 40 kg