Polyester fabrics are commonly used for large-format sublimation printing due to their properties and efficiency in the sublimation process. Sublimation printing is a technique in which the dye is sublimated directly onto the fabric fibers, which allows for durable and high-quality prints. Polyesters are a popular choice due to their resistance to stretching, durability, ease of washing and quick drying. These properties make polyester fabrics an excellent material for large-format sublimation printing, both for indoor and outdoor applications.

When sublimation printing on polyester fabrics, it is important to provide the appropriate temperature, time and pressure so that the sublimation dye can transfer to the fibers. This process causes the dye to become a permanent part of the fabric, and the prints are resistant to fading, abrasion and washing.

Large-format sublimation printing on polyester fabrics is widely used in advertising, interior design and the production of sportswear. It perfectly fulfills its role in the decoration of shop windows and the arrangement of exhibition stands. At Supraprint24, we most often print flags, fabric banners, feather flags and many other applications where high print quality and durability are crucial.

large format printing of polyester flag 115 gsm

Polyester Flag 115 gsm

Polyester fabric 115g/m2 is the most popular material for the production of flags and thin textile banners. The flag is partially transparent, and 80% of the print is visible on the other side of the material.

polyester mesh flag 115 gsm airtex scrim airy fabric banner

Mesh Flag 115 gsm

This 115g/m2 mesh flag material is distinguished by its perforated, airy structure that allows gusts of wind to pass through. The fabric has a strong weave and is light in weight. This is a universal textile banner for windy conditions.

polyester heavy mesh fabric 225 gsm

Heavy Mesh 225 gsm

225g/m2 polyester hevy mesh with an exceptionally strong weave. The material is light, does not crease and is airy. Heavy Mesh is a PVC-free mesh. It is characterized by high air permeability and tear resistance. The heavy mesh is suitable for outdoor use, can be folded for easy installation, and is recyclable.

display decor 210gsm for dye sub large format banner printing

Display Decor 210 gsm

The most frequently chosen polyester material dedicated to the production of the highest quality fabric banners without pvc content. Display Decor 210g/m2 has a matte surface and a flame-retardant certificate. Dedicated to the production of stage graphics, banners for concerts and stage designs, and large-format walls.

blackback fabric decor banner large format printing

Blackback Decor 270 gsm

High-quality white polyester fabric with a characteristic black reverse. Blackback is perfect for applications that require blocking light. This printing material is extremely durable and tear-resistant. Knitwear works great in systems pop-up, SEG smart frame, for printing curtains and opaque curtains. It is also a proven material for printing exhibition elements for trade fairs. Blackback is characterized by a white surface and a black resin coating on the left side of the material. The black layer on the reverse makes the Blackback completely opaque. The material has a B1 flame retardancy class.

elasto stretch textile large format fabric banner 240gsm

Stretch Banner 240 gsm

Matte polyester knitted fabric 240g with a flexible weave in one-direction. It is dimensionally stable and easy to install on structures. It has the ability to gently stretch the graphics in one direction to tighten the presentation system. Flammability class B1.

samba backlight banner for printed lightbox graphics

Samba Backlight 195 gsm

High-quality polyester translucent banner dedicated to the production of illuminated graphics. The fabric is waterproof and flame retardant certified.

printing of advertising deckchairs on waterproof material

Oxford Deck WP 260 gsm

Strong polyester fabric recommended for the production of outdoor graphics for events, especially deckchairs, tents and covers. The material has been subjected to a polyurethane bath, making it highly waterproof.